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“Exceptional – Joyce is a dynamic nursing lecturer . . . She personifies energy and enthusiasm and has a high regard for the nursing profession! I can tell she designed this course just for us!”

Elaine Gaffke, RN, BSN, BC Mental Health

Course Evaluation:  "Extremely lucky I chose to attend!  Very informative and well presented.  Hand-outs are wonderful -- some of the best I've seen.  Visuals are very helpful to follow the lecture!"

"Joyce Thomas is a friendly and terrific instructor!  She made the subject matter crystallize in my mind, explaining the different roles for nurses in the coding field, such as “nurse coder” vs. “nurse auditor”.  I was able to absorb the material, and practicing during in-class discussions definitely helped."

Grace Koch, BSN, RN, CCM, CPDM
Wilsonville, Oregon

Instructor Evaluation:  Joyce is great at getting feedback and class participation.  The program was very well thought out from the clinical aspect. 

I cannot imagine that anyone, anywhere knows this stuff better than you!  I really was quite impressed -- not knowing what to expect, all I knew was 
I want to be certified at this.  I'm deeply grateful for you choosing to share your talents and knowledge with us all!"

Gayla Crouch, RN, MSN, CRN-C - Auditor, Oklahoma City, OK  -- owns her own billing and consulting business.

Our RN-Coder/RN-Auditor Institute “Survivors” write: 

"It was a long week – but worth every penny! I liked the format, and not having to repeat Medical Terminology and disease process. Joyce really knows her stuff! I’m already a nurse-auditor, and this coding certification will really help me in my career."

Samuel Fernandez, RN, BSN
Cornelia, Georgia

"This is an excellent course that I will recommend to friends and colleagues.  Ms. Thomas did a great job of making the complexities of coding easier to understand."

Diana Baker, RN, MSN, AANC
Salt Lake City, Utah

"An intensive learning course!  Joyce generously shared her experiences and knowledge of the coding field with us, and kept the class stimulating and appealing.  I learned what I expected to, and much more!"

Perla Navarro, RN, BS, MS
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“Boot Camp” is a very appropriate term!  It’s tough, but I was amazed at how the course brings everything together.  Linda is knowledgeable and very approachable.  This course is definitely the way to go for RNs!"

Anonymous Boot Camp Survivor
Atlanta, Georgia

"The curriculum is designed well to go through a lot of information quickly.  Subject matter is understandable, and the instructor was personable, knowledgeable, and approachable."

Angela Albertsen, RN, BSN
Manning, Iowa

"Wow!  Course material is great – there is an incredible amount of information to learn, and the class whets my appetite to learn more!  This is a program that is badly needed and I’m thrilled that I was able to attend.  Joyce’s genuine care and concern for her students shined through as she encouraged all of us throughout the week."

Kate Brummett, PT, MHA
Deltona, Florida

"You are truly a wonderful resource for coding and billing issues. I have already put some of the things I learned to work for me."

Debbie VanPraag, RN, Clinical Supervisor
Sarasota, Florida

"I feel that this course has brought a lot of needed knowledge.  It was a great week, and Joyce Thomas was very informative.  She was willing to really dig in and answer all of the questions we threw at her."

Linda Hunsucker, RN
Alpharetta, Georgia

"Joyce is extremely knowledgeable and makes the course fun, even though the material is intense!  This is a terrific course full of useful information.  I’m very anxious to get started in this field!"

Donna Jensen, RN
Aston, Pennsylvania

"Excellent course that’s worth every penny!  Thanks to Joyce for sharing her real-world experience with us.  This course will make a huge difference for the patient, physician, hospital, and payer."

Kathy Metz, RN, LNC
Inglis, Florida

“Very informative! What I have been looking for in the Atlanta area for the last 3-4 years! I enrolled because it's accelerated, I want to learn for a new career as a Clinical Nurse Auditor – and I’d really like to work at home online someday!”

April Clawson, RN, BSN 

“This course was well-organized, to-the-point, concise – and fun! I really enjoyed the “Just for Nurses” format, and I’d like to become a Clinical Nurse Auditor and perhaps work at home! Thanks!”

Jaimie Reddles, RN, BSN

“Excellent course; information packed; thorough explanation of all aspect of coding. Lecturer very knowledgeable and able to answer questions in a clear, concise manner. Resource material, workbooks are excellent tools. Slides provide clarification essential for understanding class work. Working together provides hands-on-practice with coding for the novice coder.” 

Pam Smithson, BSN, MS Healthcare Administration, ACLS

“Enjoyed the course! Coding seemed like a foreign language at first, but not it’s like reviewing medical charts, which is a breeze for RNs with years of clinical experience – like us!” 

Kimberly Jackson, RN, BSN, CNN, CAPA

“This course is very interesting and very educational. Served as a new career for the nurses taking the course. Presentation is excellent and the instructor is very knowledgeable of the of the course content. This class is very motivational." 

Estelita Geronimo, RN, BSN, Case Manager

"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Joyce Thomas's coding boot camps and I cannot say enough about her and her company.  In the civilian sector I have worked extensively in the out patient arena. Joyce's class enabled me to leap frog off the knowledge that I had and sharpened it. My increased knowledge in coding assisted me in stream lining our coding practices, which in turn increased our revenues three fold. 

I was impressed with her teaching style, her attention to detail and her willingness to go the extra mile to meet her students needs.  You cannot go wrong with Joyce on your team."

Kim A. Savidan, Major, USAFR NC 

“The materials are great! Plenty of time for discussion and questions. Extremely helpful information – I had absolutely NO knowledge of ANY coding or how claims were generated. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned! I really want to work at home!”

Joanne DeAndrade, RN – 29 years in OR

“Excellent! Lots of helpful information. Joyce is an interesting speaker – her workbooks are superb! I’m going for Clinical Nurse Auditor positions as soon as I pass my coding certification exam!”

Juanita Deck, RN, AAS-Nursing, OCN 

“Good course content – and methodology. I really appreciate an accelerated format designed for clinical personnel. While I needed the contact hours, I am learning for a new career – Clinical Nurse Auditor.”

Teresa Briggs, RN, AAS, 10 years in UR, Certified Hypnotherapist 

“Very well done! I learned a lot and felt very comfortable with questions. Thanks for the special format – and I want to go into outpatient auditing and I’ll keep you posted on my test results. I definitely want to work at home with this!”

Karen Marsh, RN, BSN, BS-Education, CPHQ, MSN  

“Very well organized, lots of valuable info, good speaker, great examples!”

Carol Howard, RN, BSN, CCM

“Informative, great, fun! I want to work@home with this certification – so thank you very much for this opportunity!”

Denise Abdelgwad, Medical Assistant, 25 years 

“Excellent course. You have made it very interesting with specific case scenarios, and your personal experiences! I plan to go into outpatient chart auditing. The accelerated format designed around what nurses already know was very important to assisting me in “getting it.” THANKS!”

Jane E. Chouinard, RN, NCCDN  

“Good instruction and invaluable information above and beyond coding. Looking forward to future classes and working at home!”

Joan Thompson, RN, RHIT, CMT