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What is Blended Learning?

ALL programs can be completed online!  They are available 24/7, are self-paced with no time limits.

This year, RN-Coder Network is again offering both online and live seminar learning -- for one low price!  You may start your training at home, have your questions ready to go, then join us for a great week week of test prep in Vegas!  On Friday each week of class we administer the AACCA certification exam.

We have negotiated great hotel rates for you at Homewood Suites, Henderson South Las Vegas-- and all points lead to Vegas.  Just ask Southwest Airlines!  Southwest seems to have the best fares to Vegas, especially if you can book your flights 30 days before our conference.
What is Blended Learning?  Blended learning is utilizing online learning, recorded web-casts, and live on-site learning. 

Students indicate that a blended learning model provides them with greater time flexibility and improved learning outcomes, but that initially they encounter issues around time management, taking greater responsibility for their own learning, and using sophisticated technologies.

Faculty suggest that blended courses create enhanced opportunities for teacher-student interaction, increased student engagement in learning, added flexibility in the teaching and learning environment, and opportunities for continuous improvement. They state that the challenges faced in developing such a course include a lack of time, support and resources for course redesign, acquiring new teaching and technology skills. 


There's a lot at stake -- and we need to get as many RNs trained & certified in compliant coding and performing chart reviews, as possible!

We are counting down to implementation of ICD10 in the United States on October 1st, 2014.  This transition is one of the most difficult, sophisticated, and expensive changes the US government has implemented in US healthcare since Medicare started in the 1960s. 

The transition will be much more difficult, time-consuming, and potentially financially disasterous to hospitals and other providers -- if we do not have enough Registered Nurses trained and certified.  ICD10 cannot be properly implemented without the comprehensive participation of nursing staff.  Period. 

Nearly every week the RN-Coder Network receives an inquiry or an advertisement from a hospital system or insurer looking to hire Registered Nurses already trained in coding, chart review, and ICD10.  For these forward-thinking organizations, the first Certified RN-Coders will be training staff from now through implementation.

Get ready to go!  This is going to be very difficult -- but RNs are up for the challenge!