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Attend a Las Vegas Program in 2015!

Joyce Thomas personally teaches each and every program in Las Vegas -- as the founder of RN-Coder Network and developer of the curricula, Joyce has over 30 years' comprehensive teaching and management experience in the areas of correct coding, fraud & abuse prevention/detection, and revenue integrity.  Joyce holds a Masters of Science degree in Healthcare Administration  (MHA) from the University of LaVerne, and is a Certified Professional Midwife, having graduated from the National College of Midwifery in 2007.  She owned her own waterbirth center from 2008 - 2012 and has had several midwifery students over the years.

Joyce's programs are dynamic, funny, interesting and she uses real life scenarios to teach you -- and entertain you!  AND when you attend the live 5-day program, you learn from ALL THE OTHER Nurses who are also attending!  Many friendships and businesses are born out of Joyce's classes each year.

CHECK OUT WHAT OTHER NURSES ARE SAYING!  Joyce has personally trained over 8000 Registered Nurses, physicians, nursing home administrators, physical therapists, and nurse practitioners.  DON'T WAIT -- JOYCE'S CLASSES FILL UP FAST!  
To learn more about our 4-day Test Preps in Las Vegas, please CLICK HERE to go to      www.RN-Coder.com -- then CLICK THE BIG RED TAG on the upper right side of the website for our upcoming Test-Prep Calendar in Las Vegas.  You must have coding experience and/or have completed the ONLINE RN-Coder program to attend the Test-Prep.  The certification exam of the American Association of Clinical Coders & Auditors will be given on Friday of that week.  Go to www.AACCA.net for membership & certification details.