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Both the RN-Coder STAT and the 
RN-Auditor Compliance programs are available as "live" seminars, taught by Joyce L. Thomas, at your location.  

A minimum of 20 RNs, MDs, and other clinical personnel are required for an onsite program. 

The sponsoring agency provides the class location.  There is a group discount for 20 or more registrants, usually 1/2 price.

Please use the Contact Page for questions about sponsoring a live 
RN-Coder program.

The online AACCA RN-Coder or 
RN-Auditor certification exam is given  at the end of the week

Each candidate must have a wireless internet laptop on which to take the AACCA certification examination.  AACCA membership is required for taking any AACCA examinati

About the RN-Coder Network

What is the difference between a Certified RN-Coder and a Certified 



A Certified RN-Coder reviews prospectively to assure all coding going OUT 

from a facility or provider is CORRECT and DOCUMENTED.  Remember from 

nursing school, if you didn't chart it, you didn't do it!  Most CRN-Cs code 

what they know clinically, such as for the ED, the cardiac cath. lab, 

the ambulatory surgery unit, etc.

Because nurses understand the procedures and services being provided -- 

because they work closely with the physicians -- and because they are 

usually the ONLY staff capable and authorized to clarify the physician's order, 

NURSES can see which charges should be added and assure they are properly 

documented.  This results in fewer missed charges and a higher and correct 

reimbursement for all the services provided to a patient.


Certified RN-Auditors review a provider's medical documentation retrospectively

working either for hospitals or insurers, maybe government agencies, checking 

that the coded charges submitted were actually performed exactly how they 

were coded. Otherwise, it's considered fraud by Medicare, your state Medicaid

agency, etc.


Different employers, depending on whether they are providers, facilities, 

insurers or government agencies, will add to these basic job descriptions. 


Contact Hours Given:  40 hours Calif. BPA Provider #13482

Total Hours:  40 hrs classroom presentation; 45 hrs Independent Study

Independent Study is an important part of completing this program.

Please plan to put in at least 2 hours daily to complete the RN-Coder®

 Institute assignments, final exam and all readings. 


What Nurses Bring to Coding and Documentation Review:
  • Critical thinking and core knowledge related to health assessment, disease 
  • management, pharmacology, and clinical interventions and procedures

  • Experience in health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention
  • The ability to read a patient’s medical chart – whether a physician’s chart, 
  • an inpatient chart or an outpatient encounter – and understand 
  • immediately what happened and why.  Coding is more accurate and more
  • productive 

  • Knowledge of healthcare systems, policy and law – easy to adapt to 
  • changing regulations 

  • Ethical behavior, understanding of correct documentation policies and 
  • inter-disciplinary care




Your RN license and AACCA certification sets you apart from all the 

high-school grad and non-clinical coders and billers.

Come to class with Joyce Thomas, national RN-Coder trainer, expert witness 

on Medicare fraud & abuse cases, and former medical practice administrator.  

Joyce brings you 20+ years of coding and trainer experiece.  She holds a 

Masters of Science degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA) and has 

developed the country's only coding curricula for Registered Nurses.



since 2001.

COMBO RN-Coder/RN-Auditor/ICD10 Pricing  (INCLUDES AACCA 

certification testing fee) All three programs only $3499  -- you save 


NOTE:  RN-Coder STAT Basic Training must be completed prior to attending 

New RN-Coder ICD10 Institute, including Final Exam completed. 


(Does not include AACCA certification testing fees)

You may complete 1 class at a time -- set your own pace!

STEP 1: RN-Coder STAT Basic Training in all 3 coding systems:  

CPT, ICD9 and HCPCS $1999.  Please order your coding manuals (below) 

separately.  Certification testing is not included.

STEP2:  RN-Auditor Compliance Training program in Medicare Fraud & Abuse 

investigations, how to conduct chart reviews for a variety of data requirements,

expert witness information, etc.  $1999.  Please order your coding manuals 

separately.  Certification testing is not included.


STEP 3: RN-Coder ICD10 Institute – NEW FOR 2012!  4 days LIVE 

SEMINAR OR ONLINE (recorded web-casts) ICD10 training, how to assign 

correct  ICD10 codes from a wide variety of sample medical documentation.  

All disease and specialties included.  Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm. 

 AACCA Certification exam held on Friday 8am – 1pm

Please go to our new website www.RNCoderICD10.com  for details 

about the RN-Coder ICD10 program and schedule.

NOTE:  You must have completed the RN-Coder STAT Basic Training program

program similar to it (by evidence of the Certificate of Completion, or have a 

letter sent from an employer attesting to at least 1 year coding experience in 

order to participate in the RN-Coder ICD-10 Institute.

NOTE: Please allow 10 business days to receive USB supplemental materials.  
Online links emailed in 24-48 hours after funds clear and End-User License 
Agreement received by fax at 909-680-3157.  Thank you for following our policies.